Jubilee Frame – New Drop box Guest book alternative

About JubileeFrame | WEDDING GUEST BOOK
JubileeFrame appeared as a new idea for wedding guest book. Your guests write their wishes and thoughts in v …

About JubileeFrame | WEDDING GUEST BOOK
JubileeFrame appeared as a new idea for wedding guest book. Your guests write their wishes and thoughts in various forms (hearts, butterflies, balloons, circles, etc.) and then let them fall into one of the two special spaces between the support and the transparent acrylic facade.
JubileeFrame will become, at the end of your event, a unique object that will bring together, in various forms, all the written wishes gathered from all your guests! A wedding sign-in book unique, that keeps all the wishes received from your guests in a very special form.
JubileeFrame is a wedding guestbook alternative that can also be used successfully for other types of events or meetings: baptism, anniversary, award ceremony, etc.


Characteristics – JubileeTree Wedding Guestbook
Each JubileeTree product is thought and designed as a unique wedding guest book, is made only of wood. All elements are cut using CNC and laser machines and the finishing is done manually. The name of the celebrations and event date is done by laser engraving, to get the final image as close as possible to a natural and vintage wedding guest book.

Each element is assembled manually and in the end we get a personalized wedding guest book, created with you, as you wanted it!

OBS: Printing is done with water-based paints / inks. Since the product is made of wood, its texture differs from one product to another. The shades of the final product may differ from the electronic simulations we send to the customer for analysis before the production phase. Even the small “imperfections” that the wood has and that remain visible, make the JubileeFrame guest book distinctive and natural. Screen settings may also influence certain shades or colours to some extent.

What is there in the JubileeFrame | Wedding guest book sets?

JubileeFrame is thought as a traditional wedding guest bokk, but still modern, harmoniously combining wood and acrylic elements.
The wedding guest book idea from which we started in the construction of JubileeFrame was that this package should contain all the accessories you need during the event:

– Wood framed heart guest book “JubileeFrame”
– 50 to 130 hearts, butterflies, leaves, etc. (depending on your choice) + another 10 spare one (if you want more please let us know)
– Wooden easel for positioning the JubileeFrame guestbook on the table
– Miniature easel containing a message for the guests (thank you message, or an invite to write a message etc.)
– 2 small canvas bags for storing hearts, butterflies etc
– A writing instrument that the guests that use to write their message

After the event, the JubileeFrame can be mounted on the wall (like any other framed painting) or can be placed on the easel and positioned anywhere in the room (on the furniture or even on the floor like a decoration object)
By looking at it, you will always remember with pleasure that special day in which you had your dear ones with you!
Sizes of the JubileeFrame Guest Book and components:
20 x 21 inch (~50-60 pcs) –
24 x 25 inch (~90-100 pcs) –

Heart size: from 1.35 x 1.40 inch to 1.90 x 2.00 inch.

OBS: The sizes are calculated without the easel on which the JubileeFrame is placed.
If you want another number of hearts please tell us and we will create a personalized solution for you.

JubileeFrame is a custom wedding guestbook because it is created together with you!
You can personalize your guestbook exactly as you wish:
– you can choose any colours for the background as well as for the frame and the other elements that make it up (hearts, butterflies, balloons, leaves, etc.) so that JubileeFrame matches the